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Arduino : Draw multiple lines in Serial Plotter

Date : Friday,26 November 2021
Writer : Ataya P

I have been learning how to use Arduino to reading the air's humidity and I have found the way to plotting multiple lines for Arduino IDE Serial Plotter. So that I just made note for how to use it's function. Let's see ...
Arduino+Temperature+Humidity sensor

1. First, Connect Humidity sensor and Temperature sensor with Arduino Uno just like the schematic below

2. In the Code, After you get the values of Temperture and Humidity then just print out it values like this ...

//Ploting graph on Arduino IDE serial plotter
Serial.print("Humid: ");
Serial.print("   "); //** note: two space bar
Serial.print("Temp: ");
Serial.print("   ");

3. At Arduino IDE (I'm using version 1.8.5) press Ctr+Shift+L while you already connected the Arduino board. Then you can see two lines on the Plotter. Have Fun !!
Serial Plotter

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