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Homemade Electric Generating Treadmill

Date : Wednesday,24 March 2021
Writer : Ataya P

While Stay home, I just eating and using electric all the time. So that I think I need more exercise and also gain free energy to use. Let's see ...
My Idea

1. Get all ingredients.

1.1) Bicycle Dynamo
1.2) Android Solar Charger
1.3) Aluminium Wire
1.4) Electric Wire
1.5) Power Bank
1.6) Non Electric Treadmill

2. Connect Bicycle Dynamo with the threadmill. Connect LED to test the system.
Set up

3. Jogging on Treadmill and check that LED is light up.
Blinking LED

4. Connect Android Solar Charger with Dynamo and then plug in Power bank with the charger. Then the project was done !!

5. Finally, This is a video showing the complete working project. However the time using to fully charging the powerbank is up to the power generated from the Dynamo. I will investigate on that later.

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