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Unboxing True NB-IOT board

Date : Saturday,30 June 2018
Writer : Ataya P

I just got True NB-IOT board that can be use with Arduino. So, I do unboxing video and testing it to connect with ThingBoard website. Let's see ...

1. The board was designed for using with Arduino.
true iot board

2. The BC95-B8 module from Quectel is the main chip of the board.
BC95-B8 Quectel

3. True Sim card attached with the board. It's working on 900 MHz frequency.
True Sim Card

4. Set up board with Arduino board. Download sample program and testing connect with Thingboard website. The reading value can be sent to the website.
Thingsboard Website

*** Note that library seems to work only with Arduino Uno board.
Download sample code and manual here

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