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FPGA : Run demo project on MachXO2 breakout board

Date : Saturday,6 December 2014
Writer : Ataya P

After install Lattice's Diamond tool on Ubuntu. I have tried a sample project for MachXO2 7000HE Breakout Board but it doesn't work. 2 hours later, finally I found out how to fix the problem and downloaded bitstream file into the board. Let's see...

Working Platform :
Lenovo Notebook , Intel Pentium Dual Core T2080 1.73GHz
2Gbyte RAM
Ubuntu Ubuntu 12.04.3 LTS

Let's do it sample project from...
Select Design File->MachXO2 7000HE Breakout Board Demo Design Source 1.0 .

2.Extract files and start up Diamond, and create new project.
create new project.
Enter project name.

3.Copy sourcecode files from the downloaded sample project.
Copy sourcecode files.

4.Select device for your breakboard.
Select device.

5.Select Synthesis tool ...
Select Synthesis tool

6.Click Finish button.
Click Finish

7.On File List, right click on "LPF constraint file" and select Add-> Existing File.
Right click on LPF constraint file

8.Add impl1/source/xxxxx_impl1.lpf then right click on the file and select "Set as Active Reference File"
Add impl1/source/xxxxx_impl1.lpf

9. Click on Process tab and double click on "JEDEC file" wait for a while. If you have error about can not find file , just enter impl1 folder and copy existing file to missing file.
# cp Default_pattern_w_standby_impl1.p2t Defa_patternern_w_standby_impl1.p2t

10.Wait for a while,when all process done then download .jed file to the breakboard with Programmer.
Process completed

11. That is. Enjoy your first blinking !!
Blink Blink

Useful Link :
Lattice website->

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