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FPGA : How to build and install QFSM on Ubuntu

Date : Tue,19 July 2011
Writer : Ataya P

QFSM tool is a graphical tool for designing finite state machines. It's simple and very useful to design integrated circuits or to create regular expressions, scanners,etc. Now I will introduce how to use it on Ubuntu.

Working Platform :
Lenovo Notebook , Intel Pentium Dual Core T2080 1.73GHz
2Gbyte RAM
Ubuntu 10.04 LTS- the Lucid Lynx

Let's do it source from

2.Open terminal, being root and install cmake
# apt-get install cmake

3.install qt4
# apt-get install qt4-dev-tools

4.Extract the source then make the source
# cmake .
# make
# make install

This will install the executable "qfsm" to /usr/bin/ and copy the documentation to /usr/share/doc/qfsm/

qfsm runing on Ubuntu
qfsm runing on Ubuntu

Useful Link :
QFSM website->
What is Finite-state machine ->

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