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How to use FAY Robo Shield to program Bluetooth Bee Unit

Date : Wednesday,12 December 2018
Writer : Ataya P

Hello everyone, Today I will show you how to use my FAY Robo Shield to program Bluetooth Bee version 2 unit. Let's see ...
FAY robo shield

1. Download this program in to Arduino (Test with Arduino UNO)

2. Set Bluetooth Bee ver.2 Unit's switch to AT mode then set it on FAY Robo Shield.

3. Set the shield on Arduino board.

4. Turn the Arduino board On and wait until the LED is blinking.

5. Turn Off the board and turn Bluetooth Bee switch to communication mode.

6. Take off FAY Robo shield. Turn on Arduino board and download your program to the board.(May be just dummy)

7. Set FAY Robo Shield on Arduino board then turn it On and connect with you mobile phone, check that the name of Bluetooth Bee Unit was changed or not.

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