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FAY Robo Shield version 1.0

Date : Wednesday,3 October 2018
Writer : Ataya P

Here comes my homemade FAY(Fast And easY) Robo Shield version 1.0 for Arduino. I designed it to use for my own robot project. Let's see ...

1. This shield can be use to control 3 DC motors (Left Motor, Right Motor , Output1 and Output2 are using the same control port): Forward, Backward and Break functions. It's also provide XBee compatible socket to use with XBee or Bluetooth Bee module.
FAY Robo Shield version 1.0

2. User can select power source for driving motors between External INput (2.5-9 Volt) or Arduino onboard 5 V with the jumper
Power source select jumper

3. If you set Bluetooth Bee module on the shield, you can control robot with your smart phone.
Set up Bluetooth Bee module

4. This is the schematic of the shield.

5. Download sample Arduino sourcecode Here

6. Download FAY RC Controller App Here

7. Let's see my Grass Cutter Robot in action !! It's still just a prototype anyway :)

*** If only Arduino board's power can not drive all 3 motors, you have to provide external power source to drive the motors (Set jumper to IN side)

*** Be careful, When you send a command to rotate motor but the motor doesn't rotate for some reasons. This will make motor driver chip becomes overheat and may be causing damage to the chip. So, If the motor doesn't rotate as you wish , send stop command first and check what was wrong.

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