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PCB : How to add Logo into Kicad's PCB

Date : Wednesday,11 May 2016
Writer : Ataya P

I just learned how to add Logo or Bitmap file into Kicad's PCB tool. I will show you how to do it. Let's see...

FPGA : Porting QFSM generated VHDL to run on FPGA board

Date : Wednesday,16 March 2016
Writer : Ataya P

This time I will show you how to porting QFSM generated VHDL code to run on the MachXO2 breakboard. Let's see...

FPGA : Design Finite State Machines with QFSM

Date : Sunday,10 January 2016
Writer : Ataya P

If FPGA design is too complicated for you, may be you need the tool to makes it more simple.

Unboxing Arduino Nano

Date : Saturday,3 October 2015
Writer : Ataya P

At Bangkok Mini Maker Faire 2015, I saw a lot of interesting things. Here is my video ->
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