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FPGA : Install Lattice Diamond On Ubuntu

Date : Wednesday,3 December 2014
Writer : Ataya P

I just bought MachXO2 7000HE Breakout Board from Akihabara. When I tried to setup development environment, I got one big problem. Because my PC is Ubuntu but Diamond is based on Redhat (or Suse) I have to convert the RPM package to DEBIAN package. Here are what I have done...

Working Platform :
Lenovo Notebook , Intel Pentium Dual Core T2080 1.73GHz
2Gbyte RAM
Ubuntu Ubuntu 12.04.3 LTS

Let's do it Diamond from...
My PC is 32 bit. So, I selected 32bit Linux version.

2.When download was done. Then make build directory for Debian with ...
# alien -g --scripts diamond_3_3-base-109-i386-linux.rpm

3.Enter build directory and build Debian installer package
# cd diamond_3_3-base-3.3
# debian/rules binary

4.Wait for a while. When .deb was created, install it with dpkg command.
# dpkg -i diamond-3-3-base_3.3-110_i386.deb

5.Register licence on the Lattice website and copy the licence file to license/ folder.

6.Run Diamond and test by create new project.

Initial Diamond
initial diamond

Make Project
make project

I will check the workflow later. Hope it works fine.

Useful Link :
Lattice website->

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