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Homemade Electric Generating Treadmill

Date : Thursday,13 July 2023
Writer : Ataya P

REPOST: I need to do more exercise but I think it will be good thing to make free electricity while running. So I made a project about electric generating treadmill. Let's see ..

1. Get all components down here ...
Electric Generating Treadmill

- None Electric Running Treadmill
- 12Volt Bicycle Dynamo
- My Android Solar Charger Kit
- Some wiring and cables
- USB cable for charging the powerbank
- Power Bank

2. First, I connect 12V Bicycle with Treadmill's wheel. So, When you're running the dynamo will rotate and generating electricity. Then connect 2 poles of the dynamo with Android Solar Charger Kit
Close Up

3. Next connect USB cable between Android Solar Charger Kit and your Power Bank. Then it was done.

Charging Loop

4. See the working of Electric Generating Treadmill video is here ->

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