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Homemade Train Simulator Control Panel

Date : Sunday,14 February 2021
Writer : Ataya P

During stay home time, I have nothing to do. So, I made my own train simulator control panel to play with my Ubuntu notebook. Let's see ...
Homemade Train Simulator Panel

1. Final look of the project
Homemade Train Simulator Control Panel

2. The project overview. All you need are Ubuntu Notebook that have installed OpenBVE train simulator program, the homemade train simulator control panel that made from Arduino Leonardo with switches and levers. the board is working as USB keyboard when connect with the notebook.
Project Overview

3. The schematic is here.
Panel Schematic

4. The messy wiring inside the box
Messy Wiring

5. Which you can download sourcecode here

6. Finally, This is a video showing the train simulator control panel on the play. Enjoy the show !!

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