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Homemade Digital Thermometer

Date : Sunday,5 April 2020
Writer : Ataya P

Time to fight Covid-19 back with homemade digital thermometer. Let's see ...

1. Get all components here ...
Robot design

- Android Smart Phone + Fay Serial Terminal app.
- USB OTG Cable.
- Arduino Nano.
- USB cable for Arduino Nano
- LM 61 Temperature Sensor
- (Option) Analog Thermometer for calibration

2. My design was so simple. Connect LM61 sensor with Arduino Nano then download sourcecode here into Arduino Nano. After that connect Arduino Nano with USB OTG Cable via normal USB cable. Finally, Connect USB OTG cable with Android Smart Phone. The FAY Serial Terminal will pop up automatically and you can read the temperature value.
Robot State Machine

3. Finally, This is a video showing how it works. Enjoy !!

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