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Arduino : Homemade Bluetooth RC Car

Date : Wednesday,7 December 2016
Writer : Ataya P

Bluetooth RC Module

After did some research for a while, I can make my own style Bluetooth RC unit that can be control from Android smart phone. I did it simple way by using Arduino microcontroller + Blutooth unit. I will show you how to do it ...

1. This is hardware components. I connected Bluetooth unit with Arduino microcontroller via serial communication. The controller takes control servo motor for steering, DC motor, LEDs on/off and read sensor values and dip switches setting.
hardware components

2. This is sequence diagram of the system. Fay RC controller app on Android phone will send command to RC Bluetooth unit to control the vehicle. After process command it will read sensor values and send back to the app.
sequence diagram

3. Sending command from the controller app is designed in this below format.
x=start byte,y=end byte
A (4digit)= RC id number. if not valid id then reject this command. Ex: 0001, 9999
B(1digit)= Turn On/Off light of RC car. Ex: 0=Off,1=On.
C(3digit)= Steering Degree. Ex: 000=Max Left, 090=Mid, 180=Max Right.
D(2digit)= Speed F= forward, B=backward. 0-3 Speed Level. Ex: F0=stop or break,F1= forward with 1 speed, B2=backward with 2 speed,

For example : x0001:1:180:F2y means device no.0001 turns light on and turn steering to 180 degree and go forward at speed 2

4. Send back sensor values is pack in this below format.
x=start byte,y=end byte
A(integer) = sensor value 1
B(integer) = sensor value 2
C(integer) = sensor value 3

User can define what sensor values are using for. Please take a look at the Arduino sourcecode.

5. This is Arduino software flowchart. (Don't be upset with my sourcecode because it's not perfect yet)
Arduino Software flowchart

Finally, I provide Arduino sourcecode and hardware schematic. You can download here .

And you can download and install Fay RC Controller App here
Fay RC Controller App

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