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Hacking : Make Canon camera able to use USB remote shutter

Date : Monday,26 December 2016
Writer : Ataya P

My digital Canon camera is too cheap to use USB remote shutter. So, I decided to hack my camera to be able to use that function. Let's see how to do it ..

1. Format camera's sdcard and make ver.req and vers.req file with this command
# touch ver.req
# touch vers.req

2. Insert sdcard back to camera. turn on camera and press [func set] and [disp] buttons at the same time. the firmware version will be display.
check firmware version

3. Download CHDK firmware that match with the camera original firmware from CHDK website

4. Extract and copy all files into formated sdcard.

5. Insert sdcard back to camera and press [play] button to turn on the camera then select menu to update the firmware. *** Note that you need to do this every time you turn on the camera. It doesn't permanent update.
update firmware menu

update to CHDK firmware

6. After updated the firmware, now you can use all CHDK functions. Let's play some games...
Let's play Othello

7. Next, let make USB remote shutter by using mini-USB cable to connect between camera and push switch as schematic below.

USB remote shutter

8. Connect USB cable with the camera then set the Remote Parameters -> Enable remote
Remote Parameters menu

Enable remote menu

9. Push switch to take photos. Cheese !!

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